Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hi Everyone: Hope you all had a great holiday season. Just wanted to let you know about the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Conference coming up March 24 - 26. Jonathan Maberry will be holding a workshop on interview technique. He's always great.
In addition to all the other workshops and editor/agents appointments, Donald Maass will be there to conduct a pre-conference workshop on "Writing the Breakout Novel" and "Fire in Fiction." I heard him last year at the International Thriller Writers conference and he's terrific. It is expensive ($150), but I think could be money well spent.
And don't forget, the Pennwriters Conference is mid-May this year in Pittsburgh. They have a great lineup as always.
And -- The Pennwriters Fourth Wednesday Writers Group continues to slog along with a fun bunch of quality critiques. We are meeting now at the Camp Hill Borders from 6-9 pm. The next meeting is January 26th. Hopefully the snow won't mess us up.
Take care and stay warm. Don Helin


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

If the weather isn't too bad, I might try to make it on Wednesday, Don. I'd love to talk to you and the other members.

Dennis Royer said...

Hi Don - Hope the weather holds up. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. - Dennis

don helin said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. So far it only seems like an inch or two.