Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The lesson of the boot print

One morning this winter, I came in the house after some mundane chore and bent to remove my boots. Afterward, this was what was left on the floor.

An antlered deer! Or maybe a chupacabra? With a saddle? (Don't ask me what that ball-shaped thing is behind him, lol)

In any event, I thought it looked pretty cool. So I grabbed my camera because I knew it wouldn't last long.

Sometimes like story ideas. They flash through my head. Sometimes, I'll write them down while they're fresh and capture them. Other times (if I'm somewhere I can't jot notes), I'll keep repeating it in my head in hopes I don't lose it.

Sometimes, though, like the deer/chupacabra, it melts away. *poof* Gone, and once that happens, it can be gone for good.

Another lesson to apply to writing - get it down while it's fresh, and the image is clear.

A deeper lesson is to stop and look in the first place. There's so much we miss on a daily basis because we rush, rush, rush. It's worthwhile to stand still and look around. Take in all those details that might otherwise be a blur, or fade before we can admire them.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter blahs got you down?

Ashcombe's has the cure! On Saturday, Feb. 8, join 14 local authors at Ashcombe's from noon to 3:00 p.m.

All the authors are putting together a special gift basket to give away. Ashcombe's will give away a gift card, too! And you don't want to miss their lunch special - buy one, get one half price. Mm, and chocolate covered strawberries, and heart-shaped sugar cookies.

And, of course, tempting offerings from the 14 authors! Say 'no way' to Old Man Winter and cozy up with a heart-warming read. There's nothing better to cure those winter blahs.

Find the complete list of participating authors here.

Find directions here.

Hope to see you there!