Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Release

Today marks not only the start of a hopeful new year, but also the release of Book #2 of The Futhark Chronicles.  Beyond the Gate is now available from ebook retailers and by the end of the month will hopefully also be released in print.
This novel picks up only a few moments from the cliff hanger ending of The Keepers of Sulbreth.  Futhark is the fantasy world where this epic series takes place.  Marshal Cage Stone the sorceress he protects, Keeper Sabelline Shelton, have taken the first steps inside the cavern where the magical seals keeping the demon hordes from their kingdom have weakened.  Their plan is simple though dangerous.  But nothing is as it should be.  They find mysteries linking their present difficulties with a long ago war and evil they thought long buried.  Cage must let go of his human inhibitions and connect with his heritage if they are to survive and help their beleaguered friends save Futhark.
Please join me one week from now when I start a mini blog tour including a top here on The Susquehanna Writers after it begins on my blog. 
So Happy New Year and here's wishing you lots of new books to read.  What new book is first on your list and are you trying any new to you author?


Cate Masters said...

Wishing you great success with your new release Susan!

Jon Sprunk said...

Wonderful, Susan! Wishing you tremendous success.

Laurie J. Edwards said...

Congratulations, Susan!! Enjoy!