Monday, December 10, 2012

Story the Swept the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Awards

This story, "Paper Menagerie," by Ken Liu swept all three major fantasy/science fiction awards: the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Awards. It's simple and well-written, but filled with heart. Although it brought tears to my eyes,  it's also getting some harsh criticism. Interesting how different people reading the same story will have totally different reactions. What do you think?


Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Sounds like the guy who wrote it is the next William Gibson or Orson Scott Card.

Kimberly Gabriel said...

All the great ones receive criticism. I guess it means you're doing something right if you get it? ;)

Cate Masters said...

I read this story awhile ago, and it keeps coming back to me. So whether readers like it or hate it is not as important as whether it makes them think and feel. That makes it art, what we're all striving for.