Thursday, December 13, 2012

"A Uniquely Colorful Approach to Time Management"

My article appeared online today. I got the news in an email newsletter I subscribe to - I had actually forgotten that it was going live today.

I had also forgotten the little thrill that comes with seeing your work in print. For the last several years, I've been concentrating on longer works and article writing has fallen by the wayside. Now that I'm retired, I've set my sights on the freelance market again, certain that I can (eventually) structure my time so that I can write long works and short works, garnering the benefits of both.

Long works (novels, in my case) are fun in their own right. Watching the story develop. Following characters along winding roads and down blind alleys (which get cut in revisions) and getting to know them as one gets to know a friend - a friend who lives in your house with you for an extended period of time, yet never gets in your way or messes up the bathroom.

But short pieces give immediate satisfaction. They take less time to write. They can be sold in less than half the time it takes to find someone to read even the manuscript of your book. And the checks and sample copies (usually) show up quickly.

Which brings me back to that little thrill. As a reader, I'm sure you won't have quite the same reaction I did upon seeing the link and the editor's description ("a uniquely colorful apporoach to time management") but still, I hope you'll check the article out at


Anonymous said...

I love freelance work and seeing my work in print and knowing that something I wrote might resonate with a reader. I like the art of condensing information into a readable format. Yay for you!

Lisa Lawmaster Hess said...

Thanks, Julie! Some days the condensing happens more easily than others! ;-)

maryhealybooks said...

Great article-I'm always wondering where my day went!Thanks Julie

Mary Healy

Lisa Lawmaster Hess said...

Me too, Mary!