Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bummed About Borders

Hi All: I was really sad to see Borders close all their stores. It's certainly going to change things for writers. I did a number of signings at various Borders and not only is it going to halt signings, many of the Borders were anchor stores for those malls and it's going to hurt those communities. Lori sent around a great article on what happened to Borders and the impact.
For the Fourth Wednesday Writers Group, it means we need to find a new place to meet. I saw Dennis, the manager of the Harrisburg Borders, two nights ago. Nice guy and very supportive of our writers group. He's been with Borders 31 years and now he's out in two months.
Our Group will meet at six o'clock this next Wednesday at the Camp Hill Barnes and Noble to brainstorm where we want to meet from now on. Elaine and I visited four sites and we'll have to talk it through. Any of you who want to join the group, now is your chance to voice what you'd like.


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I'm very sad about Borders. Please let me know where you guys decide to meet. I keep hoping to be there but I'll probably be in Wash. DC this Wednesday to take my daughter on a college visit.

don helin said...

We're gathering at Barnes and Noble this Wednesday at 6 pm to look at options (and yes, to drink coffee).