Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Little Introduction

Hello from Pennsylvania’s anthracite coal region. I’m pleased to have been invited by the Susquehanna Writers to contribute to this blog.

Though I’m 60 miles from Harrisburg I’m still close to the river and my Sticks Hetrick mystery series is set in a fictional rural community near the capital. Sticks originated as a character in a short story written when I was on the staff of The Daily News in Lebanon, where I lived for 20 years.

There are now four novels in the Hetrick series: Something In Common, Cruel Cuts, Corruption’s Child and Being Someone Else, all published by Whiskey Creek Press and available in print and electronic forms. In addition to these mysteries I’ve published four other novels, three of them historical fiction and the other a mainstream novel (for want of a better description). In the near future I hope to announce a new publishing venture in another genre.

Since retiring as an editor with The News-Item, Shamokin, in 2000 I’ve been librarian of the Northumberland County Historical Society where I assist patrons with genealogy and research.

Between this second (or should I say third?) career, my writing, a voracious reading schedule, reviewing for several sites, marketing of my books, drawing, a few other hobbies, my children and four grandsons there isn’t much time for rocking on the porch. But I enjoy it all.

I invite you to check out my webpage for more information: http://jrlindermuth.com


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Welcome to The Susquehanna Writers! I'm sure you'll be a great addition to our blog.

Cate Masters said...

Welcome John! Looking forward to getting to know you.

Jon Sprunk said...

Welcome to SW!

jrlindermuth said...

Thanks all. A pleasure to be here.

Laurie J. Edwards said...

So glad you've joined us!

Dennis Royer said...

Looking forward to your posts.