Saturday, November 21, 2009

Scaling Chapter 11

I’ve done it! Finally! I’ve conquered Chapter 11! Oh, I’m certain that I’ll need to revisit it and revise it, but as for the first draft? It’s finished. Fini. Finito. Done!

Some chapters are wonderfully smooth sailing. The dialogue flows, the descriptions sing (or at least hum) the action rises and falls like rolling hills.

Not Chapter 11. Chapter 11 was a mountain that rose straight up out of the ground with no footholds or pathways. Uncharted territory.

As I climbed the mountain, I made headway, but I grew winded. Just as I thought I’d forged a path, I stumbled over a rock or a root and tumbled headfirst into brambles. I moaned. I groaned. I gnashed my teeth. This was only Chapter 11. What on earth would Chapter 12 hold?

But Chapter 12 was another mountain, perhaps in a different range with a less steep slope. I could conquer Chapter 12…if only I could get through Chapter 11.

So I forged ahead, determined to conquer the mountain. The first expedition took me partway up and gave me an idea of what future travel might hold. The next expedition covered more ground, but it was rough and required going over – the scenery was bland and the path too narrow.

With each expedition, more of the beauty of the mountain emerged. Possibilities presented themselves. Some were worth exploring, others dead ends.

Eventually, the peak of the mountain came into view. I was nearly there. A rough path had been cleared, and the way down seemed less treacherous.

Reaching the summit, I took in the view. It was rocky and unpaved, but promising.

The way down was easier – I had fewer brambles to clear, fewer paths to create. I could focus on beautification, and if by the time I got to the foot of the mountain again, the path was too rambling, I could resolve that on my next pass through.

I have climbed the mountain that is Chapter 11, and am ready to tackle the next one, Chapter 12.

I just hope it’s not as steep.

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Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I've crossed some of those mountains myself, Lisa. But when I saw the title of your post I thought you were talking about bankruptcy. LOL