Friday, November 6, 2009

Feed Your Addiction

In the past few weeks, we've celebrated Teen Read Week. Tomorrow is National Bookstore Day. And this month is NaNo, National Novel Writing Month. With all this emphasis on writing and writers, it's evident that people care about books and reading. Most of us wouldn't be writers if it weren't for our love of reading.

My addiction to reading extends to everything under the sun. I'll even peruse every word on a cereal box if nothing else is handy. As an elementary student, I constantly got in trouble for reading books hidden my desk. And at home I hid under the covers with a flashlight to finish those final pages of an exciting novel. Did you do the same?

Why not share that passion with a favorite teen?

Leap Books is offering online Exclusives--free mini-books with pages that turn--all zooped up with fun graphics to enhance the reading experience. Share them with your favorite teens, or enjoy them yourself.

Many websites offer book excerpts to whet your appetite. Others offer short stories to showcase their writers' work. Some of our Susquehanna Writers have free reads or book excerpts online. I hope they'll post the links to share the fun. And feel free to leave links for your favorite free online reads, so we can check them out. The only thing readers like better than reading is sharing books they've enjoyed.

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