Sunday, September 20, 2009

Realistic Tips for Time-Strapped Writers

One of my tasks this weekend was going through my email inbox, which has become quite cluttered since I've gone back to work. I'm happy to report that tucked in between the advertisements were a number of things worth reading. Among them was an article by Sheila Wipperman, cited in my Children's Writer's enewsletter. Entitled "Boost Your Writing Time Budget," this brief (takes less than five minutes to read) article has seven concrete suggestions for making the most of the time you have. Best of all, it doesn't begin with "Write every day," a suggestion that makes those of us who work full-time and have families feel inferior from step one!

Sheila's article is one of many offering "Rx for Writers" at the Institute of Children's Literature web site, a great resource for authors of all genre. Their articles are helpful, focused and brief, which I especially appreciate these days!

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Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I know that 'write every day' gets some people. I usually do but not always. If I make some new contacts on my social sites and visit my favorite blogs, I feel like I accomplished something. I've learned to use those little minutes waiting in the car(taxi)to pick up one of my children to read. Then I'm not deprived of my favorite pasttime by spending every minute I can spare at home writing.
Great little article. Thanks for sharing.