Saturday, August 15, 2009

Award Winners

I was thrilled to get a wonderful review this week for "Summer Storms," my story in the YA anthology Summer Lovin'. Then when I found out it was up for Book of the Week at LASR, I emailed everyone I know to vote for it on 8/15 & 8/16 at:

Exciting, right?? But when I looked more closely, I discovered that not only was my book up for the award, but it looks as if my fellow Susquehanna Writer Cate Masters also has a book up for the same honor. And would you believe two other friends are in the running? I guess I hang around with stellar authors. So now what do I do? Do I vote for my book & support my fellow authors? Or should I show my support for my good friend Cate? Or for one of my other friends? What would you do if it were you?

Bet you already know the answer. Cate gets my vote.

Oh, and about that review for "Summer Storms," here are a few quotes. You can check out the rest at:

Review of Summer Storms by Laurie J. Edwards

I’ve never read anything by Ms. Edwards, but I have to say after reading this story that I plan to read some more from this talented author. Summer Storms was my favorite of the anthology.

A heart touching story...There is some great writing going on in this story. I could feel the urgency and emotions of these characters caught in a possibly deadly situation. Outstanding.

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Cate Masters said...

Thanks for the plug, Laurie! There are quite a few TWRP authors up this week, against some big names like Lori Foster. Best of luck to you!