Friday, June 5, 2009

A New Printer vs. a Replacement Cartridge

My color laser printer needed a new cartridge. It had a hissy fit, refusing to print until I jammed in a new magenta cartridge. So I went to the store, ready to pay $92 for the replacement cartridge.

I decided to look at the new printers. I spotted a combo Lexmark – it’s a printer, copier, fax, scanner, photo printer. It is also wireless, connecting onto my wireless network through the router. And it was only $79. I can position the printer anywhere in my office. It does not need to be tethered to a computer. It stands alone anywhere. And I can print from my laptop, even if I am in the backyard writing and working, and need to print a page or two.

I am no fool. I bought the new printer. It even came with OCR software that really works! I can’t believe. I tested it with five pages of a manuscript. It automatically feeds the pages, and it looks like 100% recognition. The final document ended up in a new Word document, ready for me to work on it.

And it prints envelopes! I hate a printer that doesn’t print an envelope.

I am probably going to buy, sooner or later, a small black and white laser. For manuscripts and proofing, it seems to make sense to me to print quick and cheap copies of pages. I still prefer to edit on paper. I will probably never change. It’s a matter of me being an old dog not willing to change to do a new trick. But then again, I may not. I might just use this new printer exclusively. It really does have a lot of neat options! I need to get some photo paper and try printing out a couple pictures. If that works as well as I suspect, I may be spending too much time printing photos rather than writing.

I am amazed at the quality of this inkjet printer that was cheaper to buy than an ink cartridge. I just can’t believe what $79 buys these days.

-- George Sheldon,

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Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I'm writing down the name of that printer, George. Mine is having trouble with the paper feed and I'm in the market for a wireless. Isn't ink ridiculous in price?