Monday, October 13, 2014

Science Fiction and Romance

The past few years have seen a plethora of female writers moving into the forefront of the science fiction genre. There's been so controversy surrounding the trend. Many female writers have experienced the displeasure of male writers of the genre as the women invade a field they felt belonged exclusively to those with the Y chromosome. This is one link to reports of female writers having to fight a battle to be treated as equals in the science fiction field. Take note that the harassment comes from male writers and other industry professionals, not readers. There are many, many links on this issue if you want to read more.

I once dreamed of joining SFWA but no longer care if I can ever enter their exclusive club. Exclusion being a key descriptor. But I've had a number of science fiction romances and have received some great reviews from male readers. They appreciated the science and enjoyed the personal stories along with it. Women love science, too.

My latest science fiction romance is hitting the charts on Amazon as did my previous books. Check out The Warrior and The Biologist and support women writing science fiction. And that's an alien on the cover, not a terrorist!

Have you heard about the harassment of female science fiction writers? Do you prefer to read male or female authors or doesn't it matter?

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