Saturday, December 17, 2011

The end of the book as we know it? or, SPECULATIVE JOURNEYS, now available on Kindle

I remember the days when I spent my afternoons in the library, searching through books, selecting a pile to take home, and the looks from the librarian who thought I would never finish them all in two weeks. Many of those libraries are closed now, and the book stores sprung up in the neighborhoods. But within a few short decades, they saw their demise.

The closing of major book stores leaves a gap in my soul. What is to become of the book? The time I've spent browsing, sniffing pages and reading back covers in book stores could be culminated into years. (not to mention gaping at the front covers) For some avid readers and writers, there is no better time, and it is something that could only be understood by others who pursue the same past time.

Buying a book is easier now. It is only one-click away on Amazon. There is no reason to leave home, or to get off that seat anymore. And I have to admit being able to read in a dark room with a glowing Kindle on my lap has its appeal. I never go anywhere without it. The bag I carry to my child's soccer game, my purse, my brief case--they must all be large enough to carry the Kindle.

SPECULATIVE JOURNEYS: An Anthology of Scifi, Fantasy and other Strange Tales, is an anthology of my previously published short stories that can be found on It is now available in Kindle format for those who don't want to leave their seat in order to buy a book.

The book is not dying, it never will. But the major publishers have initiated their own downfall, and until they open their eyes and crawl out of their holes, the book will continue to transform.

SPECULATIVE JOURNEYS is now available in Kindle format at


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I feel the same pain as you with the disappearance of book stores and the finacial fire our libraries are in.
Congrats on your new release. Is it going to available for other ebook formats?

T. M. Crone said...

Hmmm. Hadn't planned that far ahead.

don helin said...

Hi Tina: Congratulations on the new release. Will it run through Amazon?