Friday, June 3, 2011

Upcoming Writing Workshops for $15

In keeping with the theme of the previous posts on revision workshops (see 5-31-11), here are some more chances to improve your writing. Two workshops by Leap Books Editor-in-chief, Kat O'Shea, will be available online this summer at Savvy Authors. These four-week-long classes are available at the bargain price of only $15 each ($25 if you aren't a member--but if you're a writer, it's well worth joining for all the great free info). Click on the links below to register. And if you don't want to wait several weeks, you can find writing advice from Kat now in "First Chapter Mistakes." Best of all, if you been dying to submit to Leap Books, taking one of these classes will allow you to do that. [Please note that except for special calls for submissions, such as for the Spirited anthology, Leap Books only accepts submissions from agents.]

Editing with an Editor

Instructor: Kat O'Shea. One of the fastest ways to get your manuscript rejected is to submit one that needs substantial editing. Grammar and punctuation are important, but they aren’t the only things that give your manuscript a quick trip to the rejection pile. Learn editors’ pet peeves and how to avoid them as well as how to tackle overall manuscript revision and still keep your sanity.

WHEN: Jun 27 - Jul 24, 2011

COST: $15 for Premium Members; $25 for Basic Members

Click Here to Register

Story Structure

Instructor: Kat O'Shea. An interesting and exciting beginning will draw readers in, but how do you keep their interest high throughout? A well-plotted story will keep them turning the pages and make them eager to read your next book. Both plotters and pantsers will benefit from knowing how to structure a story that readers can’t put down. Learn about different story structures, such as the 3-Act and the Hero’s Journey, and how introducing change bombs and writing cliffhangers can help you avoid sagging middles.

WHEN: Aug 1 - Aug 28, 2011

COST: $15 for Premium Members; $25 for Basic Members

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