Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aaron's Books

This awesome indie bookstore hosted me for a book signing last Friday, which was also their Five-Year anniversary (they had cake!). It was a great experience. The store is situated on the main drag of Lititz, PA. A lot of people came through the store while I was there. We even sold enough copies to make Shadow's Son their No. 1 bestseller last week -- yes, I am a bestselling author somewhere.

The owners (Todd, Sam, and young Sir Aaron) and bookseller (a fellow Pennwriter!) Vicky Burkholder are about the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. If you live in Lititz, you probably already know that. If not, stop in and say hello. They have a great selection of new and used books, and a playroom in the back for the kids while you browse.

If you happen to pick up a copy of my book while you're there, I wouldn't mind.


Cate Masters said...

Very cool Jon! I love the covers for the UK and overseas versions too. Exciting stuff.

Lisa Lawmaster Hess said...

Congrats on being a best-selling author! I got to enjoy some of Aaron's Books' offerings at the Pennwriters conference - found a book on social networking I hadn't seen elsewhere - I'll have to make it a point to check out the bricks and mortar version of the bookstore!