Friday, June 18, 2010

Harrisburg Book Festival next weekend!

The Midtown Scholar is hosting the Harrisburg Book Festival on Saturday and Sunday, June 26 and 27.

Along with some other Susquehanna Writers, I'll have a signing table from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday inside the Midtown Scholar book store, located at 1302 North Third Street, Harrisburg PA 17102.

Here's an overview of events, all free and open to the public!

The Midtown Scholar Bookstore will be hosting several *very* special events on June 26-27th, including...

* Sat 6/26, Noon-1 PM: FAMILY EVENT: Celebrity Storytime!
Leading Central PA women and men read from their favorite children's stories. A family-friendly event, for all ages!

* Sat 6/27, 1 PM - 1:30 PM: FAMILY EVENT: Meet Famous Authors
A troupe of Central PA actors, sponsored by JumpStreet, will recite passages from classic and modern literary works. With Rachel Lewis, Matthew Martin, Mihir Patel, Aaron Rineer, and others.

* Sat 6/26, 7-9 PM: KEYNOTE EVENT: What writers contribute to society.
A conversation about urban renewal & the duties of a writer, with Jackson Taylor (Assoc. Director, The New School's Graduate Writing Program), author of The Blue Orchard (2010), a historical novel set in Harrisburg.

* Sun 6/27, Noon-1 PM: FEATURED EVENT: Inspired writing, and writing that inspires.
Readings and reflections by essayists Jen Hirt (Penn State-Harrisburg) and Paul Cockeram (HACC), and poets Jehanne Dubrow (Washington College, MD) and Doris Washington (Harrisburg).

* Sun 6/27, 4-6 PM: FEATURED EVENT: How coffeehouses contribute to society.
A conversation about public spaces & consumer culture with Temple University Prof. Bryant Simon (Director, American Studies), author of Everything but the Coffee: Learning about American from Starbucks (2009), and special guest Phil Proteau, Philadelphia-Regional Representative, Counter Culture Coffee.

* Sun 6/27, 6-7 PM: FEATURED EVENT: Making new kinds of art.
Multimedia presentation on historic faith images and the new forms of art they can inspire, by Messiah College Prof. Kathy Hettinga (Art), author of Grave Images: San Luis Valley (2009)

AND ...

A weekend-long BOOK FAIR (held inside the bookstore), highlighting the publications of MORE THAN 50 regional authors, in all genres!
Dozens of different authors will be available to talk one-on-one about their work & sign copies of their books during *each* of these times:
Saturday 9am-noon - Children's Books, Teen-Reading, and Books about Growing Up
Saturday 1pm-4pm - Fiction, Food, & Music
Saturday 4pm-7pm - Memoirs, Stories, & Histories
Sunday 1pm-4pm - Poems, Places, & Meanings

PLUS ...

The Festival will feature
* an outdoor tent with a huge book sale, held in the open lot next to the Broad Street Market; the pallets there with 15,000 books priced at $2 and under will be reminiscent of the Book of the Month Club's Mechanicsburg-warehouse sales!

* as well as a Midtown street-fair with outdoor tables for artists & artisans, and live music performances throughout the day, with craftspeople sponsored by the Hodgepodgery, and artists sponsored by the Mantis Collective Gallery.


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Do you think it will get snowed out? LOL. I can't wait. It sounds like so much fun.

Cate Masters said...

No, but I suppose monsoons, floods, tornadoes or even a pestilence of frogs is possible. :) Luckily, we'll be indoors.
They do have a great lineup of events. Looking forward to it!